Interview // Julius Randle Keeps it Cali in Kobes & Cortez

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With the No. 7 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers selected Julius Randle. Since then, Randle has rebounded from a rookie year lost to a broken leg to becomng an integral part of the Lakers’ young core by improving individually over the last two seasons.

Nearly averaging a double-double last year, Randle’s fit with the Lakers on the court is pretty clear to see. Yet based on his sneaker preferences, Randle fit with the Lakers seems even more natural. Mainly because Randle has been playing in Kobes since he was a kid.

“Since fifth grade, I’ve been a Kobe guy,” Randle told Nick Kicks at DewNBA3x event in Los Angeles on Sunday. “I’ve worn nothing but Kobe’s. It may have been in sixth or seventh grade because I think that’s when he started making the low tops. That was like when I turned 12 or 13,” recalls Randle. “I’ve always played in the Kobes every year.”

Randle claims to have all the colorways of the Kobes and has been consistently playing in the Laker legend’s signature sneaker since he entered the league. But besides for the Kobes, Randle’s fit with the Lakers can also be seen with his off the court choice in sneakers.

For Randle, he has a wide variety of sneakers but is partial to his Air Maxes, Prestos and the Cortez. Of the bunch however, the Cortez silhouette is Randle’s favorite and his go-to sneaker off the court.

“I’m a big Cortez guy,” Randle told Nice Kicks.

Given that the Cortez rose to prominence and has its roots in Los Angeles, Randle’s preferred shoe of choice perfectly aligns with him playing for the Lakers.

“It’s definitely a West Coast thing,” Randle told Nice Kicks.

Aptly put by Randle, the Kentucky product has found a home in Cali.

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