Kobe Bryant Shoes

Not only is he fluent in Italian, but fluent in winning championships. Kobe Bryant has evolved into one of the sport’s greatest players of all-time. His first sneaker endorsement came from Adidas, with the premier model being the KB8, now known as the Crazy 8, and the latter models being the Kobe 1 and 2. After the expiration of the Adidas endorsement, Bryant signed with Nike Basketball in 2003. With the endorsement, Kobe Bryant got his own signature model from Nike featuring the revolutionary Zoom Air technology.

adidas KB8/Crazy 8

Adidas Kobe I

Adidas Kobe II

Nike Zoom Kobe I

Nike Zoom Kobe II

Nike Zoom Kobe III

Nike Zoom Kobe IV

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Nike Kobe 8