Kicks On Court Awards: Best Player Exclusive?

Our Kicks On Court Awards continue as we now focus on the exquisite player exclusives we saw during the 2009-2010 NBA season!

Today’s Kicks On Court Awards features a two-installment voting poll. One section focuses on the Jordan player exclusives, while the other section gives you a chance to pick your favorite non-Jordan player exclusive. Both sides are expected to be close. If you follow our Kicks On Court closely, you will undoubtedly expect Ray Allen to surface in Jordan installment. His Air Jordan 12 PEs definitely enamored many of you; however, he will have competition from others such as Kevin Martin, Joe Johnson and Dwyane Wade. As for the non-Jordan side, Rajon Rondo, Rasheed Wallace, Brandon Jennings and others are sure to battle till the end.

With that said, participate in our Kicks On Court Awards voting poll (at the bottom of each page) and let us know who rocked the best retro sneaker during the 2009-2010 NBA season.

**Note**: Signatures were not added to this list. They will be gathered shortly (hint, hint).

Joe Johnson in the Air Jordan 12 PE White/Navy-Red
DJ Augustin wearing the Air Jordan 12 PE Black/Orange
Ray Allen in the Air Jordan 12 PE Black/Green
Ray Allen wearing the Air Jordan 8 PE White/Green-Grey
Dwyane Wade lacing up his Air Jordan 2010 PE White/Red-Black
DJ Augustin turning the corner in the Jordan Icons Grey/White
Kevin Martin wearing the Air Jordan 12 PE Black/Purple
Ray Allen wearing the Air Jordan 12 White/Green
Michael Finley wearing the Air Jordan 12 PE White/Black
Mike Bibby wearing the Jordan One6One7 PE Navy/White