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We’ve all been there before. You know, the feeling you have when you pass up on a shoe – whether it be some years ago or just last week – that is supposed to be in your closet or on your feet at this very moment had you went with your first instinct to purchase. Now, that shoe is either going for five times as much as it was when you first saw it or is no longer in production. Your loss.

For our first installment of Kick Chronicles, the Nice Kicks staff relives and details those shoes we regret passing up on. Help us find these and share your own stories of passed on kicks!

Peter Sim

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Heineken”

I remember seeing the “Heineken” Dunk at Fast Forward at the mall on clearance for under $30. I picked up the shoe and thought about how out of place Nike was in the skateboarding market. The colors were loud and the silhouette was much slimmer than many skate shoes at the time. Now, the shoe is upwards to $500+ and one of the most coveted Dunk Low SBs of all time. I found out several years later a local collector had scooped up all the pairs. I regret not picking up a pair. And for a steal at that.

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