KAWS Responds To Stitch Situation

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Artist KAWS took to his blog yesterday to write about his disdain for Nike’s decision to allow Bespoke designers to use cross-stitching on the Air Force 1. A controversy of sorts arose, as sneakerheads across the States were rubbed the wrong way by KAWS’ comments. Today, he took to his blog again, writing the following:

The last post I made about the Nike Bespoke’s was just me seeing something, being annoyed and writing about it. I could see both sides of the argument about X top stitching being used on AF1’s. I surely didn’t create top stitching so I shouldn’t be protective of it. I guess just seeing these yellow Nike Bespoke’s below rubbed me the wrong way and now all X top stitching on AF1’s rub me the wrong way. I have had plenty of good experiences working with Nike in the past but I felt like making a post about this so I can share my opinion and move on.

Above references a recent Bespoke that has surfaced on the web that was clearly inspired by the KAWS 1 World shoe. The influential artist meant to be anything but with his comments, and it seems like he failed to understand the gravitas of his words when we wrote them. It seems as though he’s essentially rescinding his comments and stating that he was was simply unclear in his first post. Now that he’s attempted to make good on his sentiment, can you see him in the way you did before his comments?

KAWS x Nike Air Force 1 "1 World"
Bespoke Nike Air Force 1

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