James Bond of Undefeated: “true (sneaker) head has become almost non-existent”

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Published yesterday in Issue 006 of The Trade, a journal published by Boylston Trading Company, James Bond, the Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Undefeated went on record about what is next for the brand including a move eastward.  One answer about the sneaker community or sneaker heads has caused some conversation on twitter and other social mediums.

When asked about how the consumer has changed citing the events of the limited Jordan 4 collaboration and the recent Undefeated Foot Locker deal, Bond responded:

Our business landscape has changed and the majors are going to move with or without you…. The ?sneaker head? so to speak is no longer a viable business model as the true (sneaker) head has become almost non-existent. You have to learn to appeal to the masses in a creative and tasteful way. Converse has allowed us to do just that with the program we are doing with Footlocker.

Check out the interview in its entirety and see the new Undefeated collection at Boylston Trading Company.

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