Interview // Big Sean Talks PUMA Deal & New Shoe on the Way

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The underdog and underrated, when hip-hop is taught as a school subject 20 years from now best believe Big Sean will be in the history books. The originator of the hashtag flow and a trendsetter aesthetically, the G.O.O.D. Music/RocNation artist is also a man of his business. In the course of his almost decade in the game, he’s done deals with the likes of Under Armour and adidas long before their current reppers and is now the face and feet of PUMA.

We caught up with Sean Don to discuss how he fits into the loaded PUMA roster, what’s in his current rotation and he even hints at his own shoe coming (spoiler alert, we’ve seen them and the corresponding gear — super fresh).

Read what the Detroit Player had to say on all of the above below.

Nice Kicks: You’ve been a major player on the sneaker scene since your free agent days coming up to previous brand deals. Why is PUMA the right place for you now?

Big Sean: I feel like they’re on the edge of progression. They just wanna try new things – that’s the people I’m trying to work with, people who are never satisfied, because I’m never satisfied. So when you work with those types of people, you make something great. That’s why I think PUMA is the right place for me and I just think it’s a classic brand on top of that.

Nice Kicks: PUMA currently holds a roster consisting of Rihanna and The Weeknd, among others. How do you see yourself both fitting into and adding to that lineup?

Big Sean: I feel like everybody on the roster is completely different and they all serve their own purpose, along with myself, and I’m just gonna do me. I’m from Detroit and nobody’s really doing things like this – I’m just really happy to rep that and do what I feel with it.

Nice Kicks: From the Clyde to the Disc Blaze, which PUMA models have you been putting into your daily rotation and which ones do you hope to add?

Big Sean: I’ve definitely been putting the PUMA Clyde in rotation — you know you been seeing that. Then the Suedes, a lot of the new trainers. I’m just really impressed with all the new body styles and I’m happy to add to that – I can’t wait to add my shoe to the mix.

Nice Kicks: You’re definitely competitive when it comes to your raps, do you apply that same mindset to working on collaborations and visuals?

Big Sean: All the experiences and things I’ve been through, lead up to moments like these when we finally hit the point of applying what we learn – whether that be my raps, visuals or this collaboration. Visuals are as important to me as the music. I always keep in mind the visual aspect of everything – what it means and when we look back on it how are we going to feel – that can definitely be applied to this collaboration too.

Nice Kicks: You’re one of the few rappers that can authentically balance cool and conscious. From a fashion and lifestyle standpoint, how do you see that balance evolving?

Big Sean: It just keeps evolving, as I keep evolving. I never really try to gage or measure it – it just happens. I can’t wait to see what happens next – especially with this collaboration.

Nice Kicks: Lastly, what can fans expect next from Big Sean?

Big Sean: They can expect a lot in the next couple of years. They can expect evolution – better work than I’ve ever done. They can expect the unexpected – the ideas were working on; venturing outside of music.

I mean, thanks to the ones who ride with me – I wouldn’t be nothing without them. I wouldn’t be nothing without the ones who’ve seen my progression, who’ve been sticking with me, who ride with me, who stream my songs, buy my songs, buy my product, buy my merch. I made I Decided to inspire people. I made it for the underdogs – for the people who really needed it at that certain time in their life. It really affected some people – that means a lot. Just like people wondering ‘what comes next’ – I’m wondering too. But, I’m inspired and I’m gonna keep putting on Detroit.

The PUMA Suede Natural Warmth worn by Big Sean is available now at PUMA.

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