Inside the Hello Kitty x Converse Experience

After experiencing 2018’s grandest event at the Converse One Star Hotel earlier this year, I’m always on the lookout to see which direction the brand is going to go in next and who they chose to collaborate with.

Which leads on to my latest and first ever visit to the Converse UK office to experience their latest match-up with Hello Kitty.

Now, I’m a big fan of collaborations. Most of the time both parties do a good job of bringing out the best in one another to play off each one’s strengths to create a great product for the consumer. Seeing the moves they’re making and who they chose to align themselves with, I feel Converse has a good eye and their latest collection with the Japan giant is a good one.

Both brands share a playful ethos that is simply complimentary.

Brand experiences are such fun because you get to live out these characteristics through your senses: smells, sounds, tastes. I really had fun previewing the apparel collection and four silhouettes. It was a very ‘cute’ space as you would expect from Sanrio’s Hello Kitty with a vibrant platter of sushi and matcha finger food, nail bar and gif-creation station.

There’s a cuteness overload to the classic high top and low top Converse, plus two renditions of the One Star.

With a focus on the character responsible for crowning the company with the title of ‘third highest-grossing franchise of all time,’ you’ll find the mouth-less character’s face and pink bow on every angle.

The sweeping of Japanese culture, especially in the animation industry comes as no surprise to those of us in the west. It has happened time and time again, with the likes of Pokemon and the anime culture as a whole. Hello Kitty is another major player, if not the queen of captivating the light-hearted and fun-minded global audience.

And here they are bringing it to us again in the form of sneakers.

I believe more pieces are still set to drop between the two, so keep an eye out on Converse and Asos for those – everything pictured here releases today, August 16th. Sizes are unisex and range from kids’ to men’s size 13 and a price range of approx $50 – $125.

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