Iman Shumpert’s Case for 2013 Kicks On Court Champion

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Iman Shumpert is fearless in his selection of shoes on and off the court.

Anyone that has the valor to step foot on the court in Jeremy Scotts after missing the entire first two and a half months of the season due to injury is very brassy.

“I like the audacity of Jeremy Scott’s line, and I’m into putting my orthotics in any kind of shoes to play in” said Shumpert. “I don’t think adidas liked me playing in Jeremy Scotts too much since the line is not created for performance, but with the JS Streetball being such a loud and noticeable shoe, it made me feel like I had to do it justice on court.”

Iman’s wears of the JS Streetball and the JS Instinct were two of, if not the biggest surprises on court this season not named the Yeezy 2. Yet, those wears do not even begin to describe the flavor Shumpert seasoned the court with this year. Eight different adidas Top Ten 2000s were worn by Iman, including the “South Beach” Top Ten 2000, a shoe he wore in his first return to Miami since the dreadful ACL injury in his first playoff game. He also reminded many of the early 2000s by rocking the black and royal TMAC-1 and a few pairs of the adidas Crazy 8. He turned a few heads when he returned to the Packer Shoes x adidas Top Ten 2000 “2Wo 1NE,” a shoe that was exclusive to him last season.

“A lot of people thought I wasn’t going to wear my orange Top Tens because I got hurt in that shoe,” Shumpert noted. “It was hard because that shoe was definitely in my top 5, but they dropped on my list because of the whole injury-in-Miami thing.”

Thanks to creative customizer Sole Swap, Iman laced up new shoes later in the season that replaced those aforementioned 2000s in his Top 5. The Sole Swap crew created a collection of adidas Real Deal customs that Shumpert sported on court during the months of March and April.

“Most of the Real Deals that released weren’t Knicks colorways, but Iman really wanted to wear that shoe on court,” said Jason Negron of Sole Swap. “I figured we should do some custom Real Deals in different schemes of orange and blue. He wore three pairs on court, and we have two more that he’ll probably wear next season.”

Check out how Iman Shumpert fared in our five departments of Kicks On Court Champion voting. Plus, get a full recap of everything Shumpert brought to the court this season.

adidas JS Streetball adidas JS Streetball adidas JS Instinct Hi adidas Top Ten 2000 “South Beach”

Top Element of Surprise Wears:
1. adidas JS Streetball
2. adidas JS Instinct
3. adidas Originals Torsion Attitude
4. adidas Top Ten 2000 “South Beach” (In first return to Miami since injury)

Iman’s wears of the JS Streetball and the JS Instinct were two of the top 5 Kicks On Court surprises of the season, so those two alone earn him a great deal of points in this department. The Torison Attitude on court was a curveball as well, and his themed wear of the “South Beach” Top Ten 2000s in Miami was very unexpected.

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