How Nike Brings Community to their Digitally Connected Marketplace

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Technology has allowed us to create new realities and tap into dimensions that haven’t been reached before. Now more than ever, we’re hyper-connected and quickly expanding into the metaverse. While technology is fascinating, we all know that the human essence behind the screen is what makes our fixation with tech so magnetic. Essentially the digital realm would be nothing without a tether to our real world values. Nike’s digitally connected marketplace strives to find balance between the contrasting realities by keeping community at the center of their framework.

When visiting Nike, you’ll notice that the essence of the store often fits the community that it serves. As you shop you can spot features from hyper-local athletes or fashion influencers that are real life representations of the surrounding area. Nike’s location in Seoul has the Nike Rise Door and City Replay Zone which features popular local products. But if you head over to Brooklyn, you’ll see Nike Live by Williamsburg which puts a spotlight on the eccentric art of the neighborhood. The store even partners with local Williamsburg businesses like Buddies Coffee and Northside Bakery to support small-shop entrepreneurs. It’s this type of attention to detail that makes Nike a leader in business and community.

This close-to-home feeling when you visit your local Nike store is also translated to their app as their digital retail tools allow you to shop in a way that best suits you. The Nike App allows you to order online and pickup at a nearby storefront or even track down an item by finding it in a local retail space. Then when you arrive, you can easily use the Nike App to purchase through self-checkout.

To take personalized shopping a step further, Nike partners with other athletic retailers to make sure that you can have a tailored experience no matter where you go. For Nike’s latest retail partnership, the Swoosh gives shoppers the chance for a special experience at DICK’s Sporting Goods locations. Now, if you link your Nike Member and DSG ScoreCard accounts together you’ll get access to exclusive offers and products.

After you finish shopping you can jump straight into action with other Nike Apps like the Nike Training Club and Nike Run Club. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a rookie that doesn’t know where to begin, Nike’s athletic apps allow you to create a plan to get active with ease. The best part is there’s budding communities throughout the apps that allow you to stay motivated and get connected. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a running buddy or looking to organize a workout challenge between your friends, Nike offers the virtual infrastructure for whatever support system you need.

Other Nike Apps like SNKRS goes past the shopping realm by offering cultural elements that connect you to the stories of inspiring athletes or even fashion influencers. Being active across the different Nike Apps can help you get in on new products, exclusive collections, and even local events and experiences for Nike Members. With customized content across sports and fashion, Nike’s digital presence prioritizes diversity, inclusivity, fitness, music, and more. No matter what your interests are, Nike finds connection by offering everyone a meaningful way to be engaged and involved.

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