History of Nike LeBron “Dunkman” Sneakers

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During the first game of LeBron James’ NBA career, the young star intercepted a cross-court pass and began charging toward the rim. With a few dribbles and a couple of steps, King James took flight, ascending in a pose that positioned the ball cocked behind his head at eye level with the rim. He proceeded to slam the rock home as he’d do countless times thereafter. This image is what we now consider the signature LeBron dunk, and that iconic moment in time was converted into the “Dunkman” silhouette, which has been branded over a grey/green colorway on nearly every LeBron sneaker since.

Today, the Nike LeBron “Dunkman” series is arguably one of, if not the best, ongoing sneaker series in the game. Earlier, we received confirmation that the next “Dunkman” drop will be the “Dunkman” Nike LeBron 11 Low.

Over the Dunkman series’ tenure, our staff has kept an ongoing catalog of all the Nike LeBron “Dunkman” sneakers that have surfaced since James’ sneaker line began. In this feature, you will see some of the recent “Dunkman” releases, as well as some of the mockups that never released to the public. Take a look at our History of Nike LeBron “Dunkman” Sneakers  and be sure to post your favorite “Dunkman” LeBron in the comment section below.

Nike Zoom LeBron II “Dunkman” PE

Many people criticized Nike for only releasing a small selection of Zoom LeBron II colorways to the public. That said, many colorways have surfaced on the web that did not release. This particular player exclusive was one of the most loved. Would you purchase this colorway if it released?

Nike Zoom LeBron II “Dunkman” Two Hands

The PE version of the Nike Zoom LeBron II “Dunkman” features an identical color scheme to the one shown previously; however, this particular pair, dubbed the “Two Hands” colorway, possesses a grey Dunkman logo instead of the green logo. These also never made it to the shelves.

Nike Zoom LeBron II Low “Dunkman” Goodwin Sports Management PE

photo via NikeLeBron.net

Nike blessed the members of LeBron James’ first management agency with an exclusive run of “Dunkman” Nike Zoom LeBron II Lows. Much like the Nike Air Max LeBron VII Low, this pair doesn’t feature the “Dunkman” logo, yet, its colorway is very Dunkman-esque. Instead of the logo, Goodwin Sports Management’s initials appear on the heel.

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