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The Nike Basketball design team set a high bar for the Nike Zoom LeBron 2. Following a successful launch of the Nike Air Zoom Generation, Nike took things up a notch surpassing the AZG both in technology and design. The Nike Zoom LeBron 2 was easily the most anticipated shoe of 2004. LeBron James’ profile had grown greatly by his second season, so the LeBron 2 was the perfect shoe for the new wave.


Nike Zoom LeBron II (2004) Nike Zoom LeBron II (2004) Nike Zoom LeBron II (2004)
lebron-2-black-white-red-323Nike Zoom LeBron II Black/Crimson nike-zoom-lebron-2-navy-300x224Nike Zoom LeBron II White/Navy lebron-2-birthday-300x202Nike Zoom LeBron II Black/Black
Nike Zoom LeBron II (2005) Nike Zoom LeBron II (2004) Nike Zoom LeBron II (2004)
nike-zoom-lebron-2-all-star-300x202Nike Zoom LeBron II “All-Star” nikelebroniichamberoffearpe01_2Nike Zoom LeBron II White/Red dunkman-lebron2-two-grey-01Nike Zoom LeBron II “Dunkman”
Nike Zoom LeBron II Low (2005) Nike Zoom LeBron II Low (2005)
nike-zoom-lebron-2-low-white-300x170Nike Zoom LeBron II White/Silver nike-zoom-lebron-2-black-300x173Nike Zoom LeBron II Low Black/Black


The Nike Zoom LeBron 2 released to retail stores on November 6, 2004. Only three colors of the LeBron 2 were released to the masses with one limited online exclusive that season. Both home and away colorups were made as well as an All Star Game shoe. Nike also made a special pair for LeBron’s birthday. The summer of 2005 saw two low top LeBron 2s that are still today remembered as some of the greatest low top LeBron shoes to date. These LeBrons started a few new traditions. First, the shoes were worked up in some very limited pairs to celebrate the Chinese influence of the design. These China edition LeBrons were the first of many. Something that also started with the second LeBron shoe was PEs made for Oregon, Dunkman LeBrons, and plenty of other PEs worn on court by LeBron James. LeBron collectors were very much in favor of the new trend. The Player Exclusive craze in many ways can thank the LeBron 2 for kicking off the demand with so many limited editions that came in LeBron’s size as well as others.


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