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Since signing to the Swoosh in 2003, Kobe Bryant has been a go-to guy on foot and on screen for Nike. The Black Mamba has graced TV sets and laptop monitors as a gym warrior, insurance salesman, puppet, Laker Legend, and most recently as a motivational speaker. Coming off the success of the Kobe System campaign, we take a look back at his most significant ad spots for Nike and the sneakers he pushed.

“Love Me or Hate Me”


Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe 1
Year: 2006

Before LeBron became the most scrutinized player in hoops, all eyes were on Kobe. His introductory ad with Nike played on that theme. Although the spot features KB8 training in the Huarache 2k5, the air date coincided with the Zoom Kobe I.

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