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The year is 2016 and robots may not be taking our jobs, but they sure are taking our shoes. ‘Sneaker Bots’ have made the online buying process next to impossible, swiping up major releases like Swiper (aww, man!) with many forced to pay bank-breaking resale prices for a shot at their favorite kicks.

So, who’s doing something about it? While many retailers — if not all — are trying, Nike is doing the best job so far. The brand that is cleaning house in online sales is also proactively changing their release methods to combat the code chasers with their SNKRS App. This is a pretty dope method as its making the release process safer and smoother in all facets.

From the front to the backend, there’s a lot to know about bots. Check out the piece at Highsnobiety with illustrations from our friend Dan Freebairn aka Kick Posters by clicking here.

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