“Hi To Thirty”: A Look At LeBron’s Best Birthday Performances

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30 years is a major milestone, whether it’s a business celebrating 30 years of sustainability or a couple celebrating 30 years of marriage. Whatever the case, the celebration of 30 years of life may be the most important as arguably the best player in the game of basketball celebrates this illustrious mark as December 30th sees LeBron James’ 30th birthday.

With that in mind, we saw that it would only be right to showcase some of LeBron’s Best Birthday Performances throughout his career and the notable sneakers he sported during each respective game. Flip through the pages below to get a detailed account of King James’ birthday matchups.

December 30, 2003

Okay, let’s face it, 19 isn’t really that exciting of a birthday. You’re kind of stuck between just becoming an adult by governmental guidelines, but at the same time you’re not quite established enough to garner an adult beverage. However, if you’re LeBron James, 19 is rather special as you’re living you life-long dream of competing in the NBA. This couldn’t be any more evident as back in 2003, LeBron James celebrated his first birthday in the league by dropping twenty-two points, garnering 10 rebounds and dishing out 4 assists in a December 30th loss to the Indiana Pacers. Of course, LeBron did all of this while sporting the Nike Air Zoom Generation “First Game“.

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