Happy Birthday, Worm! 6 Rodman Retros We Want Back

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Will there ever be another Dennis Rodman? The short answer is ‘no,’ but it’s more complicated than that. As a player, his diabolical devotion to defense and rebounding with literally no care or interest in offense is as outlier as it gets. As a personality and pop culture figure, he was more abstract than Q-Tip and more controversial than The Answer, bringing tattoos and dyed hair to the hardwood while crossdressing for public appearances and dating the likes of Madonna and more.

So, yeah, the short is answer is still ‘No, there will never be another Dennis Rodman.’

Perhaps a better question for this site is will there ever be proper Rodman retros? While his BA persona in the ’90s made him an icon with Nikes on and Converse alike, his very un-PC affiliations far removed from a sneaker logo could keep his shoes from returning to shelves. We sure wish it wasn’t that way. Here are six shoes worn by The Worm that we want back.

Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt

Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt
photos via Mis Zapas

The parallels between the Nike Air Shake Ndestruckt and the Air Jordan 11 are not that far off from that of their endorsers. The Air Jordan 11 is flashy, well-put together and technically sound. Similar in styling, the Ndestrukt is without the flash and clean cut, electing for an off-center lacing system, bold branding and aggressive edge. Still, both got it done on the court in their own way. Get what we’re saying?

While the Air Jordan 11 has retroed in original form plenty of times, the Shake Ndestrukt has not. We got a teched out update not too long ago, but we really want these in leather Bulls makeups just like the tech’d up icon used to wear.

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