Gridiron Kicks Spotlight // The Top 10 Cleats of the 2015 NFL Season

Feb 8, 2016 | Pierce Simpson |



2. Odell Beckham Jr. – Nike Vapor Carbon 2014

When: Week 14
Created By: Kickasso

Prior to his rather controversial matchup with Josh Norman of the Carolina Panthers, Odell Beckham Jr. would put on a show in Miami on Monday Night Football against his good friend Jarvis Landry. With Norman coining himself as the “Dark Knight” of the NFL, it seemed fitting for Beckham to pull out these “Joker” inspired makeups of the Nike Vapor Carbon created by Kickasso. With the iconic imagery of the DC Villain combing the facade of the cleat, we witness Beckham transform his pregame routine into something of an event, as he would do throughout the season. Such as the time he debuted the “Peanuts” themed cleats courtesy of ReconBeatLab and the Nike MAG cleats courtesy of his noted designer Kickasso.


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