Giannis Antetokounmpo Passed on a Role in Space Jam 2 Because He’s “Not Hollywood”

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Giannis Antetokoumpo might be one of the few NBA players who has confessed a genuine love for the city of Milwaukee. He adores its slow pace, its calm. Moreover, it suits his rigorous training regiment as the laid back town doesn’t offer much that takes away from his focus and desire to bring the city a championship.

So when asked to play a significant role in the upcoming Space Jam sequel — for which filming would take two weeks away from his summer training routine — Giannis quickly and fiercely declined.

“I don’t like being Hollywood. I don’t like all this extra drama. I am just going to try to be me,” Antetokounmpo stated. This offer, which most NBA players would jump at, Giannis didn’t blink at declining. This implies that not only is he not Hollywood, but he’s also not about much that doesn’t include ball.

“I love Milwaukee—it’s low-key. I can walk down the road, down the streets without anybody bugging me. Nobody interrupts my conversation or anything,” he continued. “I love how quiet and calm Milwaukee is.”

Giannis’s first signature sneaker with Nike, the Freak 1, will debut during the 2019 NBA Playoffs. His Bucks are the first seed in the Eastern Conference and have homecourt throughout the postseason.

Space Jam 2, starring LeBron James, is set to hit theaters in 2021.

Source: ESPN

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