The World’s Largest Customized Sneakers Exhibit Debuts in Paris

Artists from around the globe come together to create Sneakers Generation — the world’s largest customized sneakers exhibit. With the work of 400 different artists on display, this exhibit highlights the community and artistry that is a vital foundation in keeping the sneaker culture alive. 

Sneakers Generation will debut at Galerie Sakura, located in the beautiful city of Paris. Galerie Sakura has humble beginnings that date back to 2010, when gallery-founder Jean-Baptiste Simon first opened the doors. Simon has always been passionate about contemporary art. He wanted to create a space that shared his passion and uplifted artists from all walks of life.

With this in mind, Sneakers Generation includes both emerging and recognized artists from countries around the world. One of the featured artists includes Ommolbahni Hassani, also known as Shamsia. Born in 1988, Shamsia is an Afghan graffiti artist and professor of sculpture at the University of Kabul. Throughout an era of threat and uncertainty, Shamsia popularized street art in the city of Kabul to raise awareness about the war conflicts that have taken over the daily lives of Afghans everywhere.

The exhibit honors the spirit of Pop Art, as it’s made with the intention to be enjoyed — and acquired — by a wide audience. Each sneaker can be purchased for €450 each, giving the art the chance to live on and be cherished by those who wish to enjoy it. This exhibit is special in the fact that it doesn’t hoard the art, but rather creates a space where artists can make a name for themselves through exposure and sales.

The Sneakers Generation Exhibit will take place over the course of three months, between September 8 – November 14. Admission is free and can be visited between the hours of 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Galerie Sakura – 21 rue du Bourg Tibourg 75004 Paris.

Get a first look at the exhibit below and follow @galeriesakura on Instagram for more details.

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