Footwear Faceoff: Kobe Bryant vs Lamar Odom Pt. 2

May 24, 2010 | George Kiel III |



The search for the best Nike Zoom Kobe V colorway continues. Last week, you picked Bryant’s “Home” Nike Zoom Kobe V over Derek Fisher’s Nike Zoom Kobe V white/purple iD. However, we spotted Kobe Bryant and another one of his teammates rocking different Kobe Vs in last night’s game 3.

Kobe Bryant laced up the Nike Zoom Kobe V “POP” (Playoff Pack) which released prior to the 2010 NBA playoffs beginning. On the contrary, Lamar Odom sported the popular “Del Sol” Nike Zoom Kobe V. Both colorways have received rave reviews by many of you, however, which colorway interests you the most. If you recall, Kobe Bryant battled Lamar Odom in a Kobe V vs Kobe IV Footwear Faceoff earlier this month, and Kobe Bryant’s sneaker crushed Lamar’s according to your standards. Will the same result happen this time?

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Kobe Bryant shooting in the Nike Zoom Kobe V "POP"
Kobe Bryant wearing the Nike Zoom Kobe V "POP"
Lamar Odom wearing the "Del Sol" Nike Zoom Kobe V
Lamar Odom in the "Del Sol" Nike Zoom Kobe V



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