Anthony Davis & eBay Set Up “Santa Sneaker Drop” to End the Year with a Bang

This morning, eBay have surprised Sneakerheads around the US by lining up a special drop of over 500 coveted pairs. In a unique “Santa Sneaker Drop”, it seems Anthony Davis lost a few pairs while helping Santa with deliveries. Drops include Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97/1, Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 & Off-White Air Jordan 1 Chicago. This is sure to have people scrambling for the chance to get any pair they can. Recognized by many Sneakerheads around the world for its weight in the global sneaker trade, they introduce a new dynamic.

Established for their digital-savviness, eBay now implements AR to get people to participate from home & spread some unique cheer. In a virtual “drop” – they place an augmented fireplace in one’s room and a box drops down revealing the surprise. Most prizes will be a coal-filled box, though this shows incredible initiative from one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

Partnering with Anthony Davis brings instant weight to the campaign, which launches today from Noon EST. The duo team up with Soles4Souls, a charity that provides relief in the form of unwanted shoes & clothes. Through the platform a whopping 40,000 pairs will be donated to students in need, positively impacting LA & Chicago mostly. This campaign brings light to the Authenticity Guarantee eBay launched this year for sneakers sold over $100 in the US. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet and get listing those pairs, without any hesitation on authenticity.

Check out their official site for the competition rules & a fun promo video starring AD himself. Be sure to get a hold of the closest iOS or Android device to try your luck and see if Santa & Anthony Davis are your Christmas plug! The digital event will be running for the days leading up to Christmas, with a Grand Prize raffle being teased. You’ve got 5 chances each day so be sure to take them all, and as always, keep it locked into Nice Kicks!

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