Dwyane Wade Talks “Overtown” Li-Ning Way of Wade 2.0

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Dwyane Wade‘s signature sneakers from Chinese sports brand Li-Ning have all been exclusive to their overseas roots until today. Influenced by Miami’s Overtown community, which has inspired D-Wade since his arrival in South Beach, the Li-Ning Way of Wade 2.0 “Overtown” breaks the barrier and brings DW3’s line to the United States. Set in Heat white, red and black, the “Overtown” WOW 2.0 features genuine leather and a full-length carbon fiber plate with 3D geometry for maximum performance. Read below to hear Dwyane discuss his the new “Overtown” design and the shoe’s American release, and then get a pair today at 3 P.M. EST, exclusively at Way of Wade.

Nice Kicks: What’s the motivation behind the “Overtown” Way of Wade 2.0 being the first WOW to release in the United States?

Dwyane Wade: Overtown, for me, was very important. It’s cool I have an opportunity to sit down with my designers and with my team, and we sit down many multiple hours and nights on the phone and in person, and we kind of talk about what we want. And for me, to be able to make a decision to say, “Listen, I want my first shoe that comes out when we’re really hitting the (U.S.) market to represent the community that really supports me and has supported me for 10+ years now in Miami,” and it being Overtown, kind of where I started the things I’ve done in the community in Miami. Overtown is obviously one of the most storied communities in the city, and I just wanted to pay homage to that. My foundation, Wade’s World, is kind of based off of what Alonzo Mourning has done in Overtown, because I spent so much time there early on. So I just wanted to pay homage to that, and I’m excited that I get an opportunity to shed some light on that community by naming the shoe after Overtown.

Nice Kicks: How long have you wanted to get Brand Wade into the U.S.?

Dwyane Wade: Last year, being my first year signed with the brand, I didn’t know what to expect. No one knew what to expect. Obviously, when I left Jordan Brand, there were a lot of negative things being said because I was going to at the time what we called a “China brand,” and no one knew what to expect. And I think it was our duty and our job to be able to come out last year and show everyone what we can do and what we can bring to the table, and I thought the response was great. We weren’t ready last year because we didn’t have a plan, but this year I wanted to come back and give my fans, supporters of Li-Ning, and supporters of sneakers in general an opportunity to have these shoes. So working out a plan where we’re doing things at our own place and on our own scale, but let’s give our fans in the U.S. and Canada an opportunity to share in what the fans in China had access to right there in their home. So for me, I’m happy and I’m excited that we’re able to start it. We’re going to continue to build and continue to grow, but I’m happy with this launch that’s going on today.

Li-Ning Way of Wade 2.0 “Overtown”

December 4, 2013 (3 P.M. EST)

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