DJ Skee Talks DASH Radio and Nice Kicks Live

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Nice Kicks Live launches this weekend exclusively on DASH Radio airing Saturday at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific.

Nice Kicks had the opportunity to sit down with DJ Skee yesterday to talk about his move to DASH radio and decision to combine his passion for sneakers with his desire to create new and interesting content.

Nice Kicks: What prompted the move from Sirius to DASH?

DJ Skee: I feel like the broadcast industry is at a key transition point and felt there was a huge opportunity to do something special in the space to make radio cool again. The barrier for entry that existed before in radio is being knocked down and I had a vision of the future in which free, uncensored, and un-compromised radio without commercials was possible as radio transitions away from needing antennas and into the connected car, internet of things, and dominance of smartphone apps.

We put together an incredible team with amazing backers to found DASH with the premise of creating the best possible experience for listeners that includes more varieties, the best DJ’s and curators in the world, and most importantly, great radio, all for free. It’s an obvious play someone will do, so why not us?

NK: What do you feel DASH provides listeners that the other forms of radio do not?

DJ Skee: Variety, freedom, and the best content in the world. The obvious is we are a free service with no traditional commercials (that we all hate) and the most variety, but beyond that are partnering with the best DJs, brands, and curators in each field (like Nice Kicks!) to power our content.

Regular radio is run by a few corporations struggling to get out of billions in debt that don’t understand culture and haven’t evolved away from the traditional 10 format system with 15 song playlists. We aim to have something for everyone powered by the best in every field, and get rid of the rules, regulations, commercials, boring content, lack of variety, low quality signals, and everything else that limits radio today.

NK: What was the reasoning behind the decision to have a sneaker show on your station?

DJ Skee: Sneakers are my vice… but beyond that have played a huge part of what my brand is about. It also is a massive market with incredible fans that have nowhere to tune to discuss or hear the latest on what is going on in terms of broadcast. With my natural obsession and a huge market that has no where to turn, it’s a natural fit.

NK: What made the partnership between Nice Kicks and DASH seem like a good fit?

DJ Skee: Look at my Sneak Peak and it’s obvious… in all seriousness, again, at Dash, we like to partner with the top people in every field.

Nice Kicks has always held me down and in talking with Matt it just made sense… especially to launch it on Saturday mornings when we all- myself included- are glued to our computers smashing refresh, checking message boards, and doing whatever we can to try and get the new releases.

During this time you can’t watch a video, read sites, or anything as the focus is on the sneakers, but radio can be run in the background during this and it opens up a whole new lane. We want to check in with people across the country in lines, give advice on which sites still have size runs, and of course talk about new releases, the history of certain kicks, ideas, and other stories that relate to the culture. It might not make sense when you first hear we are doing a radio show on sneakers but when you listen to it Saturday morning in the background while you try to get your kicks it will make perfect sense!

NK: Do you have plans to expand your love of sneakers within your media portfolio?

DJ Skee: Of course. This is the first of many things I/we hope to do in the space. Everything that has ever worked for me and business has come from my inner passion, and sneakers have been a massive part of my life since I was a teenager, so it only makes sense.

Tune in to the SKEE station on the DASH radio app every Saturday morning from 7:00 am to 9:00 am Pacific/10:00 am to Noon Eastern to catch Nice Kicks Live. Everything sneakers will be discussed from upcoming releases to OGs to signature shoes to customs. You will have the opportunity to call in to have your voice be heard on the state of sneakers today.

Download the DASH app for iPhone here.

Download the DASH app on Android here.

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