Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman employs the rags to riches metaphor to its most literal interpretation. While working as a custodian for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Rodman experienced a growth spurt that lifted?him to 6?8?. With a newfound perspective on life, literally, Rodman decided to see if he couldn?t right his pre-growth basketball incompetence. After three seasons with Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Rodman earned himself enough of a reputation to be scooped-up in the 1986 NBA draft. Yet as the 27th pick, he was still very much an underdog. It didn?t take long for Rodman to earn his rank among NBA vets and prove that his growth spurt was no undeserved fluke. After playing for Detroit, San Antonio, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Rodman coincidentally ended his fourteen season career in Dallas where the opportunity of basketball first appeared for him. His r?sum? consists of honors such as leading the NBA in rebounding for seven consecutive seasons and earning five championship rings.


As for court footwear, Rodman laced up an array of sneakers almost as bold as his manic off-the-court personality. Rodman is associated most heavily with Nike and Converse sneakers. While with Nike, Rodman hooped in the Air Worms, Air Darwins, Air Bakins, and Shake n? Destrukts. As for Converse, the Worm laced up his own signature shoe, the One Star Rodman, with a sun insignia reminiscent of one of his tattoos wrapped around the familiar circular converse logo. Overall Rodman might not have left as much of a dent in the kick game as he did in the media. However, you can count on these kicks for some solid hoopin? with that ?90s flare.


Nike Air Darwin

Nike Air Worm

Nike Shake Ndestrukt

Nike Air Bakin

Converse One Star Rodman