DeMarcus Cousins Buys Sneakers for Hundreds of Kids from His Hometown and Sacramento

Dec 22, 2015 | Darren Griffin |



DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. That is unless you’re an opposing defender blocking his route to the basket. But if you’re, say, a kid from his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, or reside in Sacramento area where he now lives and works, he’ll treat you to sneakers and toys because he’s just a downright good guy.

Growing up in the south without privilege of any kind, Cousins saw fit to give back to kids of a similar background. Thus, he treated 200 disenfranchised kids to sneakers via Footlocker gift cards. Moreover, he also purchased toys and video games for the kiddos to ensure their Christmas was as joyful as any kid’s holiday season should be.

“I grew up in these kid’s shoes. Not as fortunate. Didn’t have the best Christmas. Just being able to get these kids clothes, shoes, whatever the case may be. Just something that they, you know, that they want for Christmas. Grant that wish to them. Being able to put a smile on that kid’s face, or family’s face, is more than enough for me,” said the All-Star power forward regarding his gift giving.

Check out the clip above of DeMarcus Cousins aka “Boogie” aka “Santa Cuz” as it further exemplifies that NBA players are much more charitable than people often give them credit for.

Source: Complex


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