11 Defining Moments in Nike’s Lightweight Basketball Shoes

Nike Zoom Kobe Series (IV-VI)

Nike Zoom Kobe IV
Nike Zoom Kobe V
Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Released: 2008-2010
Weight: Nike Zoom Kobe IV: 11.6 oz, Nike Zoom Kobe V: 10.6 oz, Nike Zoom Kobe VI: 10.6 oz

The Nike Zoom Kobe IV quickly topped the previously-mentioned Nike Hyperdunk in regards to lightweight capacity. At 11.6 ounces, this shoe became a favorite amongst athletes and is responsible for the lightweight, low-profile sneakers we seen in the market today. It incorporates Flywire and Lunarlite Foam in its construction much like the aforementioned Hyperdunk. Additionally, it contains Zoom Air in the heel and a full-length Phylon midsole.

A year later, Nike improved on the ever-evolving Flywire technology and produced an even lighter, sleeker basketball sneaker in the form of the Nike Zoom Kobe V. The updated Flywire technology acts as synthetic tendons that grip the foot like a second layer. Its lighter build can be credited by the shoe?s overlays which are bonded with heat welding.

The Nike Zoom Kobe VI, Bryant’s latest signature model, maintains the 10.6 ounce weight statistic of the previously mentioned Nike Zoom Kobe V. While most may think the VI’s upgrades are wholly design related (thanks to the snakeskin, venomenon upper), Nike again improved on the technical aspects too. The Kobe VI features reduced midsole thickness to keep the foot closer to the ground for improved stability and better court feel. As for the ever-improving Flywire technology, this shoe owns a new, three-layer construction of the innovative, performance-based technology. The inside of the shoe contains a layer of mesh, followed by a layer of Flywire and topped off by another layer of breathable mesh with polyurethane islands for abrasion resistance. All three low-profile designs were created by none other than Eric Avar.

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