Damian Lillard Discusses Social Media & Personal Branding // Nice Kicks Cast

words & interview // Nick DePaula
images // Oscar Castillo

On the latest episode of the Nice Kicks Cast, Portland Trail Blazers franchise point guard and adidas signature athlete Damian Lillard discusses his longstanding use of social media to help power his own personal brand.

From his early days of joining Twitter as @MrWeberState to simply joke around with teammates, to his more measured and strategic portfolio of platforms of today, Lillard weighs in on the benefits of technology and how he looks to share a glimpse at his life off the court and the many projects and social initiatives he’s passionate about.

“It’s allowing people to get to know me,” Lillard says. “People know that what I’m doing, they know it’s going to be genuine. They know it’s not fake. It’s never going to be me pitching something at you… It’s never using people. It’s inviting them to be a part of something.”

For more from Dame, you can listen to the full episode below. Check out our additional interview with adidas Basketball exec Kris Aman as he discusses his vision for the brand. Be sure to also subscribe to the Nice Kicks Cast on iTunes for more upcoming episodes and interviews.

You can follow Damian on Twitter at @Dame_Lillard and on Instagram at @DamianLillard, where he currently has a combined 5 Million followers.

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