Court Orders Warren Lotas to Stop Ripping Nike Dunk

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Another week, another development in the Nike vs. Warren Lotas Lawsuit – and this one seems quite a big one. According to the latest filings coming directly from the court, the case seems to have moved partially in Nike’s favor. This week’s proceedings have seen the court take a decision to enforce Warren to stop selling Dunk replicas, effective immediately.

The last we heard of this saga, Warren gained the support of Jeff Staple – cosigner for his WL Pigeon Shoe. While we saw some of Jeff’s points in his interview with Ben Kickz, it seems that it was not enough to support WL claims. Now, the court has filed an injunction that means Warren cannot fulfil any orders for his Dunk lookalikes. He also isn’t allowed to use the likeness of mimicked pairs to gain interest in any Warren Lotas products.

Lotas already conceded to Nike that he would not fulfil any orders for the WL Broccolini & WL Pigeon. However, both sides find a middle ground here – it seems Nike will not make Warren the example they wanted. They will not get the full payout initially requested (yet), instead seemingly the court has heavily dissuaded Lotas from persevering. That said, it appears he can offer customers replacements so long as it has nothing to do with Nike’s Dunk.

We land where Warren is no longer allowed to gain further notoriety for his brand at Nike’s expense. We wonder whether Nike will pursue the case further as his WL Jasons and WL Toxic Greens released before proceedings began. According to the court, Warren didn’t damage the Nike brand as much as they claimed initially. A $10K bond has been issued and Warren has 30 days to file in compliance of the court’s ruling. We have a sneaky feeling this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this, but the end is seemingly in sight.

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