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Sep 29, 2013 | Jordan Howenstine |



Community Collections is back again, this time making a surprising stop in Wisconsin. An avid LeBron fan, Tomas Roa is a King James collector who calls Madison home. With a stock featuring a mix of rare PEs and timeless classics, the depth of Roa’s stock doesn’t need a discount double check.

Jump through the pages to see Tomas’ sneaker stash and some of his prized possesions, including his most rare pair. Leave a line in the feedback box with your thoughts on his collection, and keep Nice Kicks bookmarked for everything sneakers.


Name: Tomas Roa
City: Madison, WI
Instagram: @ToroTrigger
Started: 2003

Collection Summary

“I had a couple pairs of Jordans and Air Maxes over the years, but I couldn’t really afford a ‘collection’ until I started my first job out of college in 2003. I had been following LeBron James pretty closely the last 2 years of his high school career, and I figured why not spoil myself and represent “Team Lebron”; so I set out to get a pair of “First Games”. I didn’t really know there was any after-market value or anything until a while later. I just liked LeBron and the shoes were dope! Plus, I wouldn’t get shot over them, like my Dad always told me I would if I got Jordans. The “Lebrons” commercials were another one of those moments I got a little more interested in kicks. Commercials were hilarious, and the concept shoes were pretty cool. I didn’t get crazy about Lebrons or collecting until 2005, when I found out about That really messed me up. Seeing the PEs was crazy and seeing that they were on eBay set off a light bulb. I was hooked. I found Nike Talk the following year, and it was over. Since then, I have compiled a good amount of PEs (30-40), but I have a very special place for the General Releases. I have about 130 or so pairs of LeBrons, and another 70 Jordans, Dunks, Kobes and KDs. Being from Madison, there were almost NO Jordans or limited anything, so I appreciate the online Saturdays a lot as well.”


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