Community Collections: Toby Knox

Aug 10, 2014 | Jordan Howenstine |



Community Collections swings back through the City of Brotherly Love to put the spotlight on a sneaker enthusiast that has an entire display built of different makes and models. Toby Knox has a wide array of Nike and Air Jordan silhouettes, but also has an entire stock of everything from adidas and ASICS to Brooks. Buying and wearing only what he personally likes, this sneaker collector isn’t worried about anyone’s opinion.

Click through the following pages to see highlights and commentary on Toby’s entire sneaker stash, including his Most Rare Pair and Most Frequent Wear.  Record your thoughts on his collection in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and keep refreshing Nice Kicks for everything sneakers.


Name: Toby Knox
Instagram: @junkieforkixx
City: Philadelphia, PA
Size: 8.5

Sneaker Story:

“From as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for sneakers. Even though I am a huge fan of Nike, I don’t slight my collection from any brand. I pride myself on having a little bit of everything.  From Saucony to ASICS, Brooks to New Balance, I collect for me and what I like, not for approvals.”


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