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Aug 31, 2014 | Jordan Howenstine |



Community Collections swings up to the Pacific Northwest to put the spotlight on a sneaker enthusiast who specifically knows what he likes. Tyler Mansfield keeps his stash in Seattle, and centers it around the Nike Kobe Series. Originally hooked on the Air Jordan XIX, the selection has now transitioned towards MJ’s successor, especially from the Zoom Kobe IV on. Although the Black Mamba’s signature line has become his main focus, Mansfield still collects other gems, including a pair of every OG Air Jordan 12.

Scroll and click through the following pages to see highlights and commentary on Tyler’s entire sneaker stash, including his Oldest Pair and Most Frequent Wear. Record your thoughts on his collection in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and keep streaming Nice Kicks for everything sneakers.


Name: Tyler Mansfield
Instagram: @tcman5190
City: Seattle, WA
Started: 11

Sneaker Story:

“In my middle school days I started getting into flashy kicks, but didn’t have much of an idea of the big name brands or models. I started doing some research and the Air Jordan XIXs dropped when I was heading into high school. I had to choose one color since a 14-year-old could only save up so much money for shoes. I went with the Black/Red pair, and there started my collection. Throughout high school I was mainly into Jordans, but that has since transitioned into a collection dominated by Kobes. I was always a Lakers fan growing up, and it finally took over my shoe buying, starting with the Zoom Kobe IVs. I missed the first few colorways of the IVs and have been playing catch up on those and the first 3 models. I’ve managed to get almost everything I wanted from the Vs up until now, of course with a little help from good people and some early mornings at the mall. I’ll continue with the Kobe line as far as it goes, and always looking for older Kobes in size 10.5-11!”


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