1 on 1 with Chris Paul

Over a four-year span, superstar Chris Paul has become one of, if not the best point guard in the NBA today. To the public eye, it seems his game continues to get better every year. Likewise, his signature sneaker line continues to positively raise eyebrows with every passing installment.

The Jordan CP3.III, Paul’s third signature sneaker, is one of Jordan Brand’s most innovative sneakers yet. It possesses a new technology called Podulon which has never been used in a performance basketball shoe among others unique elements. We caught up with Chris Paul to discuss various topics pertaining to his new shoe. In this in-depth interview, Paul discusses multiple elements in the Jordan CP3.III, how it feels to be a part of Jordan Brand and how he defines success in a sneaker. With that said, click here to read our interview with Chris Paul.

Chris Paul attacking the rim in the Jordan CP3.III

Nice Kicks: First off, how important is the weight of the sneaker?

Chris Paul: Unfortunately, I’m not a guy that’s going to go down the lane and dunk on people night in and night out, so the weight of my shoe influences my quickness and how quick I’m able to change directions, speed and pace.

Nice Kicks: Have you ever considered playing in low-tops?

Chris Paul: I definitely have. The shoes went a little lower this year and going into the 4 (Jordan CP3.IV), my next shoe, that is definitely something I’m thinking about. Maybe going even lower.

“When I was a kid in middle school and high school, I would sit in class and try to sketch out shoes. So now to actually be able to do that (help design a shoe) is the life.”

– Chris Paul

Nice Kicks: What can you tell me about the performance of the CP3.III and how it compares to the last shoe?

Chris Paul: One of the biggest changes? is the Podulon technology in the shoe that has never been used before in a basketball-based shoe. I can actually feel it in the shoe while I’m playing. Over the course of a game with all the cutting, changing directions and stopping and the defense that I hope I’m playing, I wanted to make sure the shoe is durable. I wanted to make sure I had stability. If something’s going on in the first quarter, I want to make sure my shoe is reacting and doing the same thing in the 4th quarter.

Chris Paul’s Jordan CP3.III

Nice Kicks: How long was the process of creating a new technology?

Jason Mayden (Jordan CP.III Designer): We started developing the new technology even before we started working on the shoe which was around March 2008. So we figured out that technology way in advance. Then we met with Chris after the Olympics in June and he said he wanted something with a lower cut. So I’d say all in all, it was a little bit over a year.

Nice Kicks: How involved were you with the whole design and development of this shoe compared to some of last sneakers?

Chris Paul: Very involved. Just like all of the other shoes. I’m definitely not one of those people where they say, “hey, we put your name and your logo on it. Go play in it.” I’m very involved in it, and it’s actually a fun process. When I was a kid in high school and middle school, I would sit in class and try to sketch out shoes. So now to actually be able to do that is really the life. And it’s not on a piece of art paper. It’s the actual shoe that comes to life. There’s no greater feeling.

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