Chef Roblé Ali Details His Favorite Kicks and the NYC Sneaker Scene

Jul 26, 2013 | Tee Jay Void |



Roblé Ali has quickly made a name for himself in the culinary world. His popular show, Chef Roblé & Co., just finished its second season on Bravo. If you watch closely, you will quickly notice his love for sneakers. Whether it is a Nike Air Max model, a Charles Barkley sneaker, or a pair of the Nike Air Yeezy, Roblé is sure to stay fresh. Nice Kicks sat down with the culinary star to discuss his love for kicks, food, and what he likes to wear in the kitchen.

Nice Kicks: Season Two of Chef Roblé & Co. recently wrapped. How was this season different from the first?

Roblé Ali: Season Two is a lot different than Season One. We had events with bigger budgets and a lot more pressure. There are some new team members. I had to hire a personal assistant because it got so busy. We also hired another Pastry Chef, Rob McCue. He was actually on Season 8 of Hell’s Kitchen. He’s a really funny guy.

Nice Kicks: Do you remember rocking any memorable kicks?

Roblé Ali: Oh yeah, I went off this season. I actually rocked some of those Barkley Foams – the “All-Star” Galaxy ones. I haven’t seen a real life person with them other than TI.

Nice Kicks: Do you have a favorite pair of sneakers to wear while you’re in the kitchen?

Roblé Ali: I don’t wear sneakers in the kitchen at all. Not while I am cooking. The thing is basketball shoes and sneakers are great for grip on the court, but terrible in the kitchen. They have no grip. That’s why most people wear those non-slip shoes. I actually wear Crocs.

Nice Kicks: You don’t wear sneakers while cooking, but are sneakers what you normally wear on a day-to-day basis?

Roblé Ali: I always have sneakers on. You will very rarely catch me in any other kind of shoe. I’m always in kicks. I did The Chew the other day, and cooked for Mario Batali. That’s the “god” right there. You know what I’m saying? I don’t know if there is a chef I respect more than him. I had on the Yeezy 2. He knew what they were [laughs]. I said they were okay, but his kids want them so bad. I was like, “yeah, but you got those orange Crocs [laughs].”

Nice Kicks: What shoe sparked your passion for sneakers?

Roblé Ali: I would have to say the Barkleys. The ones the Fab Five had on. Once they came out with them, I had to have them. The Air Force Max. The original colors were crazy.

Nice Kicks: Have you ever done anything crazy for a pair that you wanted?

Roblé Ali: You know what? I haven’t, but only because I’ve been lucky. There is normally some kid that wants to sell them, and with sneakers being so available in New York, the prices aren’t high. Also, a friend of mine owns a sneaker shop, so that helps. That’s actually how I got my Yeezys.


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