Chase Reed Talks Sneaker Pawn & Favorite PUMAs

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Chase Reed is a busy young man. While most high school students are trying to navigate and balance the early days of being cool and being responsible, Chase is doing all of that and then some on a higher level: Chase runs New York’s Sneaker Pawn.

Old enough to drive and clearly old enough to thrive, we caught up with Chase to discuss his busy life, favorite PUMAs and what’s next for Sneaker Pawn.

Nice Kicks: You’re still in high school. How has balancing the workload between academics and your business been so far?

Chase Reed: Being in high school and running a business is really hard for me. Sometimes I may work harder on my business than school because sneakers are what I love to do naturally, but my parents always bring me back to reality about school.

Nice Kicks: Sneaker culture in New York is as rich as it is in any city. How does Sneaker Pawn add to the culture in such a strong city?

Chase Reed: Sneaker Pawn has pushed the sneaker culture to another level by allowing sneaker heads to make loans on their pricey sneakers and really use them as a commodity.

Nice Kicks: New York is a city where everyone is always going for the crown. Back in the 70s, PUMA athlete Clyde Frazier was the style king. What do you think made him such an icon?

Chase Reed: Clyde Frazier is such an icon to me because he stepped out of the box from looking like a corporate executive to dressing like he was an American gangster. I would think every kid wanted to be like him, he was the Kanye West of his day.

Nice Kicks: Back in the day, PUMA kicks like the Clyde and the Suede held a big space in hip-hop and breakdancing. Which related cultures do you feel drive sneaker culture today?

Chase Reed: Breakdancing played a big role in the sneaker culture back in the day, but today young kids like myself run the sneaker game. I call us the “Sneaker Nation.” We do it for the love of fashion and trendsetting.

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