eBay Opens Store That Rewards Sneakerheads With Up To 70% Off For Wearing Their Kicks

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eBay is setting up shop in Los Angeles with an exclusive sneaker store that rewards shoppers for actually wearing their new kicks out of the store. Known as Wear ‘Em Out, the shop will be open on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27th-29th.

Located on Fairfax Avenue, the Wear ‘Em Out store will feature a range of highly sought after sneaker styles. Shoppers that agree to wear their newly-purchased sneakers out of the store will have the chance to receive up to 70% off from today’s market price.

As one of the most well known rappers and sneakerheads, eBay invited Offset to help curate the Wear ‘Em Out store. Using his extensive sneaker collection as a guide, Offset worked with eBay to determine the most exciting sneakers to offer to shoppers.

“eBay is my go-to place to find the kicks you can’t find anywhere else,” said rapper Offset. “For sneaker collectors like me who lay awake at night trying to decide if you’re going to wear your new kicks, eBay’s Wear ‘Em Out Store makes light of something that haunts the entire sneaker community and gives people a new way to access the shoes they want for summer.”

eBay was inspired to create the Wear ‘Em Out store after data from a recent survey of 1,000+ sneakerheads revealed that majority of people wear less than half of their sneaker collection. eBay hopes that the Wear ‘Em Out store will encourage sneakerheads to live in the moment and wear their kicks.

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