Big Baller Brand’s Second Signature shoe for Lonzo Ball will be “F—– fire”

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Even though Big Baller Brand hasn’t officially shipped out Lonzo Ball’s signature sneaker – the ZO2 Remix – just yet, the company is already working on the Laker rookie’s next shoe. And according to the sneaker’s designers, Ball’s second signature sneaker is going to be even better than the first. Or as they so eloquently put it, the shoe is going to be “f—— fire.”

Talking with GQ’s Jake Woolf, the designers at Santa Ana Design said they are nearly done designing Ball’s second signature sneaker and they are very hyped with their design.

From Woolf:

This just the beginning of Big Baller Brand and Santa Ana Design’s partnership. According to Raysse and Dill, Lonzo Ball’s second signature sneaker, which was developed from scratch, is almost done. Details are sparse right now, but Raysse and Dill note that when developing the new shoe, they paid close attention to things like Lonzo’s toe drag—something an untrained sneaker designer might not have picked up on. “He’s constantly moving it around the court, and it’s something we’re working on with him,” Dill says. “He effectively needs like a tennis shoe toe on his shoe because he drags his toe just like a tennis player,” Raysse adds. And while no one but the Santa Ana Design and Big Baller Brand teams have seen the new shoe yet, Raysse and Dill’s confidence in the product is, well, plentiful. “If I may be so bold, it is…FUCKING…FIRE,” Raysse says.

The designers are obviously proud of the work, which why they are raving about Ball’s next sneaker. But we will just have to wait to see if Ball’s second signature sneaker is truly as dope as the designers say whenever release information and photos become available.

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