Big Baller Brand’s Autographed ZO2 Doesn’t Come In Clear Display Case

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words // Nick DePaula:

While there’s no mistaking the fact that Big Baller Brand’s debut sneaker had its entire design shifted and “remixed” over the course of the summer, after just under a thousand pre-orders for Lonzo Ball’s first signature shoe were placed, fans who are now receiving their pairs are noticing yet another change.

For the true big ballers, there was a $995 “Wet” option of ordering the shoe. Not only would Lonzo autograph the ZO2 model, but the shoes were also said to be packaged in a “clear acrylic enclosure, with cool white LED lighting.” Since they were signed — and the entire Big Baller Brand was so unprecedented and unique — people bought the autographed option with the intent to proudly display them.

As images now being posted online by consumers would show, first spotted by Nightwing and the team over at WearTesters, it would appear that the “Wet” ZO2s are packaged in the exact same magnetic lid box that the $495 edition of the sneaker arrives in.

As it stands, those who placed orders have reached out to the brand for clarification, but have yet to hear back. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more people receive their pairs of the ZO2 in the coming weeks. On the bright side, the certificate of authenticity technically also includes a Lavar Ball autograph, so there’s at least a slight bonus.

For a full detailed look at the official ZO2 Prime Remix sneaker and its box, be sure to check out my unboxing with ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

The clear acrylic case people were expecting:

What they received:

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