Bathing Ape Shoes

The footwear industry was forever changed with the released of the Bathing Ape shoes. It was finally official, hip hop and urban trends were a huge market – even in Japan. The Bathing Ape shoes were very very unique and trend setting. Though the Bathing Ape shoes took inspiration from the Nike Air Force Ones, they were extremely different fundamentally.

The goal of the Bathing Ape shoes was never to be an athletic shoe, but rather a limited sneaker that no one else would have ever seen or dreamed of. The shiny patent leather and bright colors separated the Bathing Ape shoes from all other casual shoes. Not only did these features set the Bathing Ape shoes apart from the others, but really caught someone’s eye when look to buy a new pair of sneakers.

Starting at approximately $200 per pair, the Bathing Ape shoes are much more expensive than their Nike Air Force Ones counterpart, but the Bathing Ape shoes (most famous Bape Stas) are much more limited than the Air Force Ones. Many of the Bathing Ape shoes were made in runs of 200 and less! Compare that the the super limited Air Force One Lux was made in 3,000 pairs and sold for about the same price.Finding Bathing Ape shoes is pretty hard in the US. There are some sneaker boutiques who have a few pairs at any given moment, but the sure bet way to find an authentic pair of Bathing Ape shoes is to take a trip to New York’s Soho district and get a pair from the Footsoldier store. Bathing Ape shoes start at $190 per pair which is alot less than what you would pay if you wanted to grab a pair from Vintage Kicks but they probably won’t be an exclusive edition. Also, as a word of wisdom, don’t buy any Bape Stas from any online sites unless its Vintage Kicks since there is a flood of fake Bathing Ape shoes sold online.