Street Art Inspires the New BAPE SK8 STA Pack

A Bathing Ape looks to the streets as graffiti artists inspire the new BAPE SK8 STA pack. This drop comes ready in spring time colors as the pack includes an orange, purple, and blue pair.

Each colorway of this BAPE SK8 STA pack is entirely monochromatic, but not in a way that’s been done before. This approach to monochrome takes on an almost aged look as the sneakers have a fading gradient. Both the purple and blue pairs have vibrant hues that wash out towards the middle, appearing as though the dye has lost its color. The orange pair looks the most aged of them all, as it taints to a sun-washed yellow in the center. Each pair is finished with black laces and BAPE’s signature shooting star in tinted TPU.

This BAPE SK8 STA pack is dropping on January 22, 2022. All three pairs come in sizes for both men and women. Each pair is priced at $315. To purchase, visit the BAPE webstore or one of their flagship locations. For more BAPE releases and updates on all your favorite sneakers, follow @NiceKicks on Twitter.

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