Ask a Sneakerhead: Monique Harris

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Breaking up the male monotony, Ask a Sneakerhead is back with a fresh new installment featuring our very first female special guest, Monique Harris. Though you may not be familiar with Monique, she has certainly been putting it down for the ladies in both the worlds of production and fashion for quite some time. A fashionable product of the stylish and swagged out DMV area, it goes without saying that Monique certainly knows a thing or two when it come to sneakers. From talking about what it’s like being a female sneakerhead to sharing some words of wisdom for ladies looking to plant their feet in the sneaker world, you can check out everything Monique had to say, along with some of her fashion-savvy after the jump. Drop us a line in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more.

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Nice Kicks: Proudly representing for the ladies, what’s it like being a female sneakerhead in today’s sneaker climate?

Monique Harris: It’s hard for several reasons. I think it’s hard because a lot of exclusive sneaker releases, especially ones that I’m interested in, are only available in men’s sizes. So aside from having issues with finding your size, you also have to deal with the sky-high prices on the resale market. At the end of the day, being a female sneakerhead means a lot in my book. I love it and I love to see other females doing their thing as well.

Nice Kicks: Why do you think females aren’t getting as much respect for being tastemakers?

Monique Harris: I think they are! It’s just rare! In today’s society a lot of females think that by putting on the new Jordans and some tight fitted leggings/bra that they will get attention and be recognized. But to me, it’s just more than copping a new pair sneakers. I look at women like Vashtie Kola. Not only does she collect but she is a leading lady when it comes to female tastemakers. Women sneakerheads are slowing taking over.

Nice Kicks: What advice do you have for the ladies looking to venture into the world of sneakers and fashion?

Monique Harris: Just be yourself and be creative. I learned that I came up with my best looks when I just did my own thing. Of course I keep up with the lastest trends, but there’s nothing like being able to set trends and watch others feed off of your look. Find a female in the game that inspires you, study her looks and then find a way to create your own. You don’t have to spend your life savings to look good, everything doesn’t revolve around high fashion. Get some staple pieces and sneakers and just blend in the clothing for your looks.

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