ANTA Has a FILA Branded Hotel in the Works

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Chinese sportswear company ANTA has officially announced that a FILA branded hotel is in the works. For those unfamiliar with ANTA, the company manufactures their own line of sportswear goods and serves as the parent company for brands like Arc’teryx and Salomon, along with FILA. The upcoming hotel project is known as the “FILA House” and will be in partnership with the Hyatt Group.

ANTA and the Hyatt Group have their sights set on Shanghai for FILA House. While hotels have become an immersive experience all their own, the FILA House project is the first of its kind as it merges a global sportswear brand with an international hotel conglomerate. Details on amenities and other offerings that the hotel will provide are still under wraps, but overall the FILA House is said to be a lifestyle experience.

As a brand FILA is over 100 years old and was founded in Italy. Since its early beginnings, the company evolved into an international sportswear brand that has expanded within Korea and China especially. The brand is known for its signature red, white, and blue color-blocking, as well as its infamous FILA Disruptor sneaker.

Being that ANTA is the parent company of FILA China, the FILA House will also serve as part of ANTA’s new headquarters in Shanghai. The space will be located in the West Hongqiao Business District, an area known for its fast-growing international trade center for both Shanghai and China alike. The FILA House and ANTA headquarters will consist of five individual buildings that make room for office space, shops, drinking, and dining, as well as a sports retail destination. The buildings are outlined to be eco-friendly and are expected to open in 2024. For more ANTA news and sneaker release dates, follow @NiceKicks on Twitter.

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