Air Jordan XX3 “Finale”

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The Air Jordan 23 comes to a grand finale today, with the release of the Air Jordan 23 Premier “Finale”. Prices have already skyrocketed on eBay for these limited edition kicks.

Rightfully so, as these are supposed to be the last release of the numbered Jordan’s that started 23 years ago. The classic Chicago “Bred” colorway is limited to 529 pairs so you can bet these will be in high demand for a long while.

A better colorway then the Titanium Edition 23’s? Maybe so, maybe not, but sentimental value of the black and red’s is, and always will be near and dear to the hearts of Jordan fans. Whether they are worth the $3,000 prices on eBay is up to you to decide.

If you look at it as the end of an era, then can you even put a price on these kicks?

Air Jordan XX3 Premier Finale

Air Jordan XX3 Premier Finale

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