The Air Jordan “Kobe” Collection is Up for Auction

Showered with gifts in honor of his retirement during his final season, Kobe Bryant received quite the impressive present from Michael Jordan last year. How so? MJ gave the Los Angeles Lakers legend a massive set of exclusive Air Jordans, which included literally every single silo from the most iconic sneaker line ever made. Bryant received 30 shoes in total from Mike but they are now in the hands of Heritage Auctions, who have placed the entire collection on auction.

How Heritage Auctions got their hands on Jordan’s gift to Bryant is a bit of a mystery, but a portion of the proceeds from the sale will benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Bidding on the collection will start on May 19 and end on June 11. The collection is expected to be auctioned off for over $200,000.

Kobe's Air Jordan collection
Kobe’s Air Jordan collection via Heritage Auctions