Air Jordan 4 “Splatter” Surfaces with OVO Tagging

If IG is any indication, Drake to adidas is a done deal.

Because of this, we won’t see another owl stamped retro release anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean that the team from The 6 isn’t holding any unreleased heat.

Seen many a time but never in such detail, @depeche23mode gives us a closer look at Air Jordan 4 “Splatter” that some assume will release in 2019 — likely a huge year for the AJ4.

Nike Air heel branding, Chicago colors and sample steeze are enough to excite, but what proves most interesting is an OVO logo stamped on the inside of the heel tab. It’s possible these were gifted to the crew to heat up the shoe far before its release as we’ve seen Drake in “French Blue” 7s and Chubbs in “Chutney” 13 Lows many seasons ahead of drop date. Still, we truly don’t know for sure.

To see this current OVO family exclusive and perhaps potential 2019 release, preview the pair in the photos below.