Air Jordan 4 “NES” Custom by FreakerSNEAKS

Last month we gave you a look at FreakerSNEAKS’ second Super Nintendo inspired Air Jordan 4 custom with a nod to the US console and NBA Jam, but today we have a look at their latest project that pays homage to the OG.

The customizing outfit from Australia has made a ton of viral noise in both the gaming-geek and sneakerhead worlds with the projects pairing the two loves of many 80’s babies and 90’s kids.

This pair dresses the “Fire Red” Air Jordan 4 up in Nintendo Entertainment System colors with details tying to the console by way of the “SELECT & “START” buttons on the laces as well as game pad buttons on the heel tab.  The Hangtag takes things a notch higher cut in the shape of the OG Nintendo cartridge shape.

Just like the last pair, these will only be released in a batch of 10 online at