This Fusion Air Jordan Released 10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago today, an incredibly polarizing pair released: the Air Jordan 4 Fusion Black/Red.

Reviving the ’89 classic with the sole of the ’82 classic, some could claim it stole the soul of both.

photo via GOAT

For others? Truly a certified banger that was easier to wear than a pair of Jordans and fresher than your everyday Air Force.

In many ways taking the signature strength from both parties, aesthetically the Air Jordan 4 Fusion was a more pleasing marriage than say takes on the 3, 5 or 13.

Still, not everyone was convinced with Fusion 4s being the butt of jokes before memes were made.

One has to wonder though, if retro Jordans were panned in ’94 before being beloved a decade and a half later, could Fusion Jordans see the same fate? In an era where nostalgia and irony interplay more than ever, this could certainly happen.

However, before we got a re-retro of the Air Jordan 4 Black/Red with Nike Air we got a pair with a Nike Air Force 1 sole. That happened to be ten years ago today.

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