In Retrospect // Air Jordan 3 “Pure Money”

Tomorrow, the Air Jordan 4 “Pure Money” returns. However, ten years ago today, the Air Jordan 3 “Pure Money” released for the first time.

While Air Jordan 3s and all-white shoes are both dubbed timeless for good reason, just like any style they have their ebbs and flows in popularity. When the “Pure Money” 3s dropped in spring of 2007, they certainly weren’t panned but they weren’t applauded either. Why was this? A few reasons. First, they were overshadowed by more interesting AJ3 releases as the “Fire Reds” came back for the first time ever and drops like the “Flip” and “Cool Grey” colorways were simply more unique. Just the same, white-on-whites had been done to death via the Air Force 1 and Skittle steeze brought about by BAPEs, boutique collabs and streetwear-influenced sneakers soon became the new wave.

In recent years, the Air Jordan 3 has taken a break and then been brought back in colorways that register as good but didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Conversely, all-white kicks have been the toast of the market but by way of runners.

Looking back, did you cop or pass on the Air Jordan 3 “Pure Money” back in 2007? Are you pleased with your decision or do you regret it? Let us know in the voting poll and comments section.

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Air Jordan 3 “Pure Money” (photo via Flight Club)

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