Air Jordan 20 from Coutdown Pack

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While many heads have been looking forward to the October Countdown Pack featuring the Black/Cement Air Jordan III, don’t count on many people lining up for its other half. Some have complained about lopsided packs from the beginning, but pairing two shoes and balancing them equally is a bit of a challenge if you ask me. This Jordan CDP has a bit of an interesting side story to it being that the Jordan 3 was Tinker’s first Air Jordan and the Jordan 20 was his first since “retiring” after the Jordan 15.

The Jordan 20 that was called upon for the package is not exactly receiving as much love as it probably could have. A bit of a shock, Jordan Brand decided to call up the “regional” Air Jordan 20 and entirely black out the shoe. The regional Jordan 20s were far from being as popular to the other 20s in the line. One could find many of them hanging out at the outlets well after the Jordan 21 had released.

Rarely do I inject personal opinion into my writing, (what you choose to wear is up to you!) but to hold silent about this is too hard. In a year that we are supposed to “Countdown” the Jordan shoes in what many thought would be a year of “greatest hits”, the trend seems to be that a package consists of one chart topper, and one ringtone rap classic. If a “regional” Air Jordan can make it into a CDP, what else can we pray we won’t see? Jordan 11 low LE? Jordan 15 Moc? Jordan 22 PE? Pics from KidKrazy007 at NikeTalk.

Air Jordan 20 from Countdown Pack

Air Jordan 20 from Countdown Pack

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