Jordan 16.5 Performance Review

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We have only been through two full weeks of Kicks On Court, yet, we are already starting to see the constants that the respective players will be wearing for the year. On the Jordan Brand side, we have spotted the majority of them, including newcomer Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, DJ Augustin and Michael Finley, sporting the Air Jordan 16.5.

With that said, we were inspired to see what this remix of the Air Jordan XVI and the Air Jordan XVII was all about. Therefore, we put the Air Jordan 16.5 through our rigorous performance tests. Click here to see why the majority of the Jordan Brand members are currently sporting this sneaker.

Air Jordan 16.5 Performance Review

Strengths: Seeing that the Air Jordan 16.5 is a remix of the Air Jordan XVI and the Air Jordan XVII, we first dug into the sneaker archives to find out what characteristics this shoe had in comparison with its predecessors. With that said, we found a number of similarities and differences between the two. The rubber sole that aided the Air Jordan XVI’s stability is also incorporated in this Air Jordan 16.5. This particular aspect allows the wearer to make sharp, quick cuts without the foot sliding in a different direction. The multidimensional herringbone pattern instilled into the rubber sole allows this shoe to own unmatched stability from the forefoot to the heel. Besides stability, the Air Jordan 16.5 also possesses an extreme amount of breathability. Although the predominance of the upper is leather, its ballistic mesh sections allow air to circulate throughout the interior of the shoe. Therefore, the Air Jordan 16.5 is packed with the best of both worlds: extreme stability that keeps your foot from sliding, while also allowing your foot to feel free inside the sneaker.

Weaknesses: The Air Jordan 16.5 is definitely a great sneaker for the indoor game; however, the cannot be said in regards to the streetball game. Its traction attributes are more suitable for the indoor game. The Air Jordan 16.5’s outsole does not contain as many ridges, indentions and pods as previous outdoor-ready sneakers we have tested. With that said, the durability of this sneaker remains to be seen. While it is perfect for indoor and even lifestyle, its durability seems to lean towards a short-term basketball life.

Overall, the Air Jordan 16.5? is a very comfortable, stylish sneaker that is ideal for a player that wants to feel at ease on the court. It best characteristics which include stability and breathability outshine undoubtedly outshine its flaws. With that said, this should be a definite pickup for a player who longs for comfort and style in the same package. Available now at your local Jordan retailers.

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