“Pilgrim” Bobbito Air Force Ones

Model: Air Force 1 Premium
Release Date: 06/??/2007
Price: $125
Product Code: 316892-???
Color: Pilgrim/Ice Blue-Beach
Availability: Tier Zero
Info: Air Force 1 Release Dates

The third and final Bobbito Air Force Ones carried through similar looks from the first two but had another few touches. ??First of all, the upper had four different materials: ??Premium leather, nubuck, mesh, and patent leather. ??The colorway of the “Pilgrim” Bobbito Air Force Ones is definately alot tamer than the others, but the touch of Ice Blue mesh as well as the patent leather swoosh make the shoes stand out from your average Air Force Ones.

According to Bob himself, the inspiration came from an army green Almight Force League shirt and light blue Bounce Magazine shorts he wore on the court one day. ??Keeping with the tradition of the others, Bobbito wanted to create something unique, but still made sense.